Xxxtentacions Merchandise: Worth it or not?

Ever wondered if these popular games’ merch is really worth the price or everything is just a matter of branding and marketing? Obviously, gamers and fans of whatever you can think of, are biased and some of them easily neglect the quality of the product and the price tag.

This is the perfect way to capitalize on the ignorant but in fact, some brands offer high-quality pieces for their fans to wear and at pretty reasonable prices.  Looking into the League of Legends merchandise, one can easily spend a hundred bucks on a couple of sweatshirts or T-shirts even if they are not fans of the game. The value for money, the designs of the pieces and the feeling that you are wearing something unique are the goals which the Riot Games team has managed to accomplish.

First of all, the clothing line delivers mostly XXXtentacion hoodies from CL but also T-shirts, sweatshirts and jackets. The fabric used for the pieces is nothing special but the same goes for the prices. In fact, most pieces do not cost more than the expected. This is a very realistic value for money strategy because obviously, most people would buy LoL merch just to express their love for the game.

Not many would buy gaming merchandise in order to become a fashion guru in their school. What’s more, some pieces are surely worth it as they are 100% cotton-made. They might stay fresh even longer than your boutique piece in your wardrobe, you never know.

Furthermore, the designs of some of the pieces are pure cuteness overload. What’s sweeter than a poro-themed (Poros are League of Legends white mouse-like critters) pullover for the winter season? The implementation of the visuals from the game into the clothes is very good to perfect. The logos and prints are not annoyingly large and unnecessary. Most pieces are clean and if not, the designs are well-rounded and neat. After all, the brand has to advertise its product – this is what they are popular for.

In addition, some pieces look so unique that no one would ever get to realize that they are game merch. For example, the most recent collaboration between the Riot Games team and the UK-based creative James Oconnell introduced a limited edition of four T-shirt models, all featuring different champions from the game. The distinctive style of the artist, implemented with the concept of the game, brings in a completely new look, almost unrecognizable for those who have not played the MOBA.

All in all, it is really worth giving the LoL merchandise a chance. You won’t have to pay extra money just to get your hands on a more special piece. On the contrary, the brand does not advertise themselves like this. Riot Games offers affordable clothes with good quality. The League of Legends visuals and themes are actually pretty dope and it is definitely a good idea to have at least one LoL T-shirt in your wardrobe.

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