Don’t Bet Your Boots On This One

K-pop merchandise spans a spectrum of product categories. Be it apparel, accessories, bts backpacks from kpop choices, utilities or decorative items. If you want it, they’ve got it. We’ve reviewed several products from this lot. What’s the one item type left, you ask? Shoes, of course. Footwear is an indispensable part of your indoor and outdoor experience. Let’s look at a product which conforms to the K-pop tag.

About the Product

The Fanstown Kpop Sneakers are priced between $30 and $42 on Amazon based on the size and pattern selected. The products are made for women and branded with logos of your favorite K-pop bands. The sneakers have a canvas body and a rubber sole. The seller claims that the product is durable and has a unique hip hop style design. It ships with two complimentary Lomo Cards of your favorite band.

Some Thoughts

These black and white sneakers come with laces and have the band logo on one side and the “Bofengsport Superstar” logo on the other. There is also an “All Sport” print on the sole at the back. They look nice, but there are some discrepancies between the product and the seller’s information. They are shown in the images as high-top shoes, but they aren’t tall enough and sit somewhere between the high-top and the low-top varieties. The logos on some models aren’t as big as shown in the images, which is disappointing. The quality of the logos is decent, but it’s hard to say how long they will stay on the product.

The product arrives with the two lomo cards, as expected. The sneakers are narrow at the front and will not offer a comfortable fit for people with wide feet. The shoes need to be stretched a little when wearing them for the first time. They are comfortable but, like other shoes of this type, there isn’t much support for the arch of the foot.

There is a lot of uncertainty in selecting the size of the product to be ordered. This is primarily because of the variations in size, inaccuracies in the size chart and a lot of contradictory advice. The saving grace is that seller offers to replace the product or refund the amount in such cases, but this means further delays in getting the right product which may not be ideal if you’re planning it as a gift.

One customer mentioned a strong, unpleasant odor emanating from the sneakers on opening the package. Products such as bts bt21 pajamas have been received with misspelled print. Though the product initially appears sturdy, there are a lot of complaints about the quality. Quite a few customers have reported damage to the product after only wearing it for a month or two. Cracks in the sole, loose stitching, rubber from the sides coming off, fading, peeling and falling logos are some common complaints within a short time of using the product.

Final Thoughts

Make your choice knowing that even if you manage to get the right size, there is no guarantee that the product will last. This product is not what we would call a bang for your buck. 9 \ls

The Fitness Benefits of Pushing a Baby Stroller

Many people understand the benefits of exercising daily. Very few have maintained the practice. The reasons for not exercising daily are numerous.  However, there is one form of exercise which is straightforward yet beneficial to the body.

Pushing a baby stroller has positive health contributions to the body. You can also push a Juno reborn toddlers with this strollers. It’s the kind of exercise that you can carry out and still take care of your baby at the same time.

Whether you are a man or a woman, the following are the fitness benefits of pushing a baby stroller;

1.    Shed excess weight and get back in shape

During pregnancy, women gain additional weight. And right after giving birth, many if not all of those women wish to shed the excess weight and go back to their ideal size. But with the baby always requiring your attention, getting enough time for exercising may be tricky.

However, walking or jogging while pushing your baby help the body burn the extra calorie. The amount of weight you lose through pushing a stroller will depend on many factors like;

•    The weight you are pushing

•    Your starting weight

•    Your speed

•    Whether you are alternating between your arms while pushing the stroller

3.    Reduces the risk of catching coronary diseases

In addition to getting in shape, getting rid of excess weight lowers the risk of developing obesity. Excess weight invites heart diseases. Exercising regularly by pushing baby stroller lowers the chances of developing heart diseases.

4.    Improves circulation

Walking in itself without pushing a load is a form of exercise. As an aerobic exercise, it enhances the circulation of oxygen in the body. But when you add the extra weight, a stroller to push while walking, it encourages the body to work even harder than before.

As a result, your cardiovascular muscle is strengthened too.

5.    Tones your muscles

Jogging, while pushing a stroller, is a way of working your muscles. That helps to give the biceps and shoulder the right shape. As you maneuver your ways through corners and uphill regularly, your muscles will reflect that effort. Unlike regular jogging, pushing the stroller helps you to work out both the lower and upper parts of the body

6.    Improves mental well being

Caring for an infant from morning to evening is hectic. You need a break to regain your happy state back. Pushing your baby in a stroller while navigating the outdoor environment, improves your mental well being. It’s an excellent way to beat the depression commonly referred to us the “baby blues.”


Although pushing a baby stroller has its share of health benefits, you’ve got to do it right. You don’t have to overstrain in your exercises.  For mothers who wish to get back in shape after giving birth, first consult your doctor to give you the go-ahead to begin the exercise.

Xxxtentacions Merchandise: Worth it or not?

Ever wondered if these popular games’ merch is really worth the price or everything is just a matter of branding and marketing? Obviously, gamers and fans of whatever you can think of, are biased and some of them easily neglect the quality of the product and the price tag.

This is the perfect way to capitalize on the ignorant but in fact, some brands offer high-quality pieces for their fans to wear and at pretty reasonable prices.  Looking into the League of Legends merchandise, one can easily spend a hundred bucks on a couple of sweatshirts or T-shirts even if they are not fans of the game. The value for money, the designs of the pieces and the feeling that you are wearing something unique are the goals which the Riot Games team has managed to accomplish.

First of all, the clothing line delivers mostly XXXtentacion hoodies from CL but also T-shirts, sweatshirts and jackets. The fabric used for the pieces is nothing special but the same goes for the prices. In fact, most pieces do not cost more than the expected. This is a very realistic value for money strategy because obviously, most people would buy LoL merch just to express their love for the game.

Not many would buy gaming merchandise in order to become a fashion guru in their school. What’s more, some pieces are surely worth it as they are 100% cotton-made. They might stay fresh even longer than your boutique piece in your wardrobe, you never know.

Furthermore, the designs of some of the pieces are pure cuteness overload. What’s sweeter than a poro-themed (Poros are League of Legends white mouse-like critters) pullover for the winter season? The implementation of the visuals from the game into the clothes is very good to perfect. The logos and prints are not annoyingly large and unnecessary. Most pieces are clean and if not, the designs are well-rounded and neat. After all, the brand has to advertise its product – this is what they are popular for.

In addition, some pieces look so unique that no one would ever get to realize that they are game merch. For example, the most recent collaboration between the Riot Games team and the UK-based creative James Oconnell introduced a limited edition of four T-shirt models, all featuring different champions from the game. The distinctive style of the artist, implemented with the concept of the game, brings in a completely new look, almost unrecognizable for those who have not played the MOBA.

All in all, it is really worth giving the LoL merchandise a chance. You won’t have to pay extra money just to get your hands on a more special piece. On the contrary, the brand does not advertise themselves like this. Riot Games offers affordable clothes with good quality. The League of Legends visuals and themes are actually pretty dope and it is definitely a good idea to have at least one LoL T-shirt in your wardrobe.